Corporate Gifts

Looking for a great corporate gift? Or maybe something you can easily incorporate your brand with to give to potential clients?

If you are looking for new ideas to set your business apart from competitors try our caramels with personalized labels. We also provide box sets that are the perfect size to feature your business card.

To get a quote or discuss any of our business options. Call us: (801) 783-8324 or fill out the form below.

Here are some examples of what you can get

  • Small Crate with a Pretzel or Caramel Crispy Treat, Small Popcorn and 10 Single Caramels For $25.00
  • Small Crate with a Pretzel, Su’more, Crispy Treat and 3 Single Caramels for $25.00
  • Small Crate with a Pretzel, Crispy Treat and 5 Single Caramels for $25.00
  • Medium Crate with a Caramel Sauce, Crispy Treat, Su’more, Half-Pound Box of Caramels, Bag of Bites and 5 Single Caramels for $50.00
  • Large Crate with 2 Caramel Sauces, One Half-Pound Box of Caramels, One Full Pound Box of Caramels, Two Pretzels, Two Mu’mores, Two Crispy Treats and One Bag of Bites for $100.00