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See for yourself how tempting our signature Caramel Crispy Treat is! Imagine indulging in the most exquisite, velvety caramel you’ve ever encountered, nestled between layers of delicate, crispy rice that crunches with each bite.

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From classic caramels to mouth-watering bites flavored with nuts, fruits, and spices, you’ll find only the best at JulieAnn Caramels.

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There’s a reason these are best sellers! Take a taste of customer favorites home with you and find out for yourself.

Premium Ingredients for Unbeatable Flavor: It's What Sets Us Apart

Our commitment to quality is second to none, and it all starts with our ingredients:

Butter from the Fridge, Not a Pallet: We use only refrigerated butter to ensure freshness and quality.

Pure Cane Sugar: We say no to beet sugar or glucose, sticking with the finest cane sugar for that authentic caramel taste.

Farm-Fresh Cream: Sourced from local dairies, our cream is always fresh and free from added preservatives.

Flavorful Fruit Infusions: We use real fruit to infuse layers of complex flavors into our caramels.

Crafted in Small Batches: Our rigorous quality control standards ensure a consistently amazing taste in every bite.

Absolutely No Preservatives: The absence of preservatives ensures a superior, fresh taste, making every experience with our treats delightful.

Discover More About JulieAnn Caramels on National TV Networks

Catch us on popular platforms like HSN to delve deeper into the world of JulieAnn Caramels. We're thrilled to showcase our unique flavors and homemade caramels to a national audience. Being featured on these networks is an honor we deeply appreciate, as it allows us to share the love and care we put into every caramel.

If you want to learn more about JulieAnn Caramels and some of the unique flavors we offer, you can find us featured on networks such as HSN.  We are always grateful to be welcomed onto these programs and to share our homemade caramels with the whole country.

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Recognized and Supported by Industry Leaders

As proud members of esteemed organizations and award committees, we're honored to showcase our affiliations:

  • Utah's Own: We're delighted to be part of this initiative that celebrates local businesses and products.
  • Specialty Food Association (SFA): Being a member of the SFA underscores our commitment to delivering exceptional and unique caramel treats.
  • 2021 Sofi Award Gold Winner: This prestigious accolade speaks volumes about the quality and innovation behind our caramels.
  • Sofi Finalist 2016: Even years ago, our commitment to excellence was recognized, setting the foundation for our continued success.
  • Darigold Magazine: Utah's Julieann Caramels uses a treasured family recipe to craft treats made with fresh butter, rich cream and a whole lotta love.

These partnerships and awards validate our mission to provide the best caramel treats in the industry.

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