Walk with us down memory lane...

...to a simpler time; to a time when caramel was made from fresh cream and sugar, and preservatives didn't exist. Remember when flavorings were made from pureed fruit, and caramel was hand cut and individually wrapped. For most, these are only memories, but for JulieAnn Caramels, this is who we are.

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Rowena delivering caramels to a rest home

Doesn't the world need a bit of happiness right now?

Join us in spreading some joy to those who deserve it most. For every $18 you spend, we'll gift 1/4 lb of our Original Caramel to a hero - whether it's one you nominate or one in our community.
Caramel Creation: Chocolate Caramel Poke Cake

Caramel Creation: Chocolate Caramel Poke Cake

Everyone loves a good poke cake, but our General Manager and his wife found that JulieAnn Caramel can take it to a whole new level!
Our Story

Our Story

It wasn’t long before Frank, my husband, was known as “The Caramels Guy” and people would ask where they could buy the delicious caramels he was always sharing. This was the beginning of JulieAnn Caramels.


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