Rowena delivering caramels to a rest home

Doesn't the world need a bit of happiness right now?

Rowena giving gifts to a care center

Would you help us make a difference in our community? 

Now, more than ever, the world needs a little bit of happiness and kindness, and we would love to have you join us in doing just that. 

From now until July 31st, for every $18 you spend, we’ll gift ¼ Pound of our delicious Original Caramels to a Nurse/Doctor or anyone who could use a little joy!


It’s simple: 

- Nominate a gift for every $18 you spend

- Tag your nominee on our social media page


-Simply add their information in the notes at checkout. 

We contact them 

We deliver it to them

You know you’ve spread some love!

Don’t know who to nominate?

We’ve got you covered. We’ve been doing this for 3 months now and know who could use a little love.

So far…

We’ve already delivered over 5,000 gifts to Healthcare Workers, Grocery Workers, and Rest Home Residents & Staff.


Our heart aches for all who have been affected

It’s that love and concern that prompted us to lift the spirits of individuals and families who have been particularly hit hard these past few months.


So Far

We’ve delivered 5,000 gifts

But we want to get to 20,000!

Will you HELP us?


Thank You for helping us spread kindness

-The JulieAnn Caramels Team


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q- Who do we consider “Front-Line Workers”

A- Healthcare professionals, Senior Care Centers & Residents, Grocery Store Workers, Military, Fire, Law Enforcement, or anyone whose employment requires them to help a customer person-to-person. 


Q- What if I don’t personally know or have someone to nominate directly?

A- No worries! We’ll donate a gift in your name to one of our local community organizations with whom we partner.


Q- How will you verify those nominated for a free gift?

A- We’ll contact them directly, either via email or social media to confirm we have the right person and to know where they are on the front lines to thank them for their service!


Q- What if I want to just send a gift?

A- If you want to gift a treat directly to your front-line worker friends or family, please make sure you have their shipping address and use it when you complete your order. We’ll still add a bonus to your order. 


Q- Will you gift a different flavor or just the Original Caramel? 

A- Sure! If you know the flavor they prefer (or if you want to send them your favorite), simply tell us in the order notes or when you tag them online and we’ll send the one you want!

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