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By Rowena Montoya, Founder and CEO

When the economy came crashing down in 2009, my husband’s business fell into hard times. We had to sell everything and start over. My husband found a job traveling all over the country to trade shows and other events and I found a way to help him draw attention and build client relationships. The answer was in the homemade caramels I had learned to make in my youth from my aunts who raised me. It wasn’t long before Frank, my husband, was known as “The Caramels Guy” and people would ask where they could buy the delicious caramels he was always sharing. 

This was the beginning of JulieAnn Caramels, named after my two aunts who taught me how to cook and shared their family caramel recipe with me. These two women have been a huge, positive influence in my life. When I lost my mother at a young age, my aunt and uncle took me in, welcoming me into a family environment that I had never known. They instilled in me many of the values and beliefs that I still live by in my personal and professional life.  Since we launched in 2012, we have expanded to several stores in Utah and California, and we will soon be launching in other stores nationwide! 

I’m driven by the creative process, product development and an innovative spirit that can and will revolutionize the confectionery industry. Since the start, there have been naysayers who have told me that there “isn’t anything new in candy” and they “have seen it all.” But there’s more to JulieAnn Caramels than just classic, handmade, delicious caramels. The flavors I have already invented range from Eggnog, to Pumpkin, Black Licorice to Cashew and Very Hot Cinnamon. For those adventurous candy lovers – we offer both a Mango Habanero and Pineapple Habanero. As our tag line states, “A taste so good, we had to share.” Welcome to our family!!


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  • These caramels are literally AMAZING! I bought some at World Market and could not put the bag down. I have to buy in small quantities otherwise I would eat them non-stop.

    What is cool is not only are their caramels good but so is their services. They really seem to care about their customers.

    Bravo! Keep up the good work and keep making and shipping out those delicious caramels!

  • Wow!! I recently brought Julieann’s caramels from HSN. I’m so happy I did :) I almost ate ALL of the caramels in one sitting. Thank you, thank you for making a delicious and soft caramel that is yummy. Keep up the awesome work!! Love it!
    Question, will you sell you caramel in a jar in your website? This would be soooo delicious with ice cream :)


    Janet C.
  • Just bought your sea salt caramels for national women’s day at world market! Wow! This is the way caramel is meant to be! I cannot wait to try out some of your other flavors!


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